Dalina Maria Andrei


European regional integration. Case study of Romania

Carmen Beatrice Păuna, Dalina Maria Andrei

Europa XXI (2010) vol. 21, pp. 145-154 | Full text
doi: https://doi.org/10.7163/Eu21.2010.21.11

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Romania after accession to the EU, on 1 January 2007, tried to find a strategy to optimize the integration of our country from economic, social, technological and environmental viewpoint. A context in which Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) help the market economy comes as appropriate to the current world-wide political landscape, but equally create and enlarge contradictions. Romania meat a new inflow of FDI after 2000, surpassing its neighbour countries year after year. But the growth prospects for 2009 continue to deteriorate sharply, as the country is expected to suffer a strong deceleration of both the domestic and the external sectors.

Keywords: regional disparities, European integration, regional development, financial and economic crisis, foreign direct investments, convergence to EU